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Published on 17 February 2018 in Business
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas


When faced with a medical emergency, immediate emergency room care can be the difference between living and dying. Residents of Lutz, Odessa, Land O’ Lakes, Northeast Tampa and beyond need to know about the newly opened freestanding emergency room that is conveniently located on Dale Mabry Highway in Lutz. Equipped with the same lifesaving and diagnostic technology as a hospital’s emergency room, ER 24/7 is centrally located making it a smart choice when you find yourself or a loved one needing emergency medical care. 

A department of Medical Center of Trinity, ER 24/7 provides the local community with easy, convenient access to emergency care and provides all of the resources needed for acute care of a serious illness or injury. Providing more advanced emergency services than an urgent care center, this full-service ER accepts walk-ins as well as patients via ambulance.

ER 24/7 has onsite CT scan, ultrasound, X-ray and laboratory services, and is staffed by physicians Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and nurses with emergency care experience and certifications. At ER 24/7, every patient will see a doctor who is specifically trained to handle life-threatening emergencies, not a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.  

A freestanding ER is like an emergency room at the hospital, not to be confused with an urgent care provider, which is more like a physician’s office. A freestanding ER provides a higher level of care than an urgent care center. While ER 24/7 is very willing to take patients with urgent care medical issues, it won’t be the most cost-effective way to deal with a minor medical problem. However, as every mother knows, a minor medical issue can escalate quickly (usually in the wee hours) and then a freestanding ER is the perfect fit. 

ER 24/7 is equipped to handle any medical emergency that can be handled at a major hospital ER, but it’s less intimidating than a hospital.

Christine Sanchez, Director of Emergency Services for Medical Center of Trinity, says, “The exciting thing about a freestanding emergency room within the community is that many times people come in with fractures, needing sutures or with abdominal pain, and here they can receive the same care but without having to go to a bigger facility. At the freestanding ER, visits are quicker and more personable. We are here for the community and patients feel that sense of community with each visit.”

There are many benefits to having a freestanding ER in the community. Patients can expect the same services and level of care they’d receive at a traditional hospital emergency department, but with more ease, such as the simple convenience of being near home, work or school. Wait times are shorter than at the hospital and parking is easy. ER 24/7 provides a warm and inviting clinical environment, and has a separate pediatric reception area for the little ones.

With the most current communication technology in place, ER 24/7 also has telemedicine capabilities. Not only that, being right in the midst of several busy communities allows first responders to get patients in and return to the field quicker.

Sanchez expounds, “The beauty is that while we do not have a physical hospital attached to ER 24/7 itself, we are part of Medical Center of Trinity. We can help to save the lives of patients with heart attacks, strokes or who are septic by getting them immediate treatment and stabilized for transport if necessary. We have the experience, the capability and the know-how to take care of critical medical situations. All of our nurses and doctors are emergency medicine certified and with many years of experience.”

What warrants a visit to ER 24/7?

According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, the following are reasons to go straight to a nearby emergency room: 

  • ·      Chest pain lasting two minutes or more
  • ·      Coughing or vomiting blood
  • ·      Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath 
  • ·      Fracture/Bone Injury needing Pain Management
  • ·      Severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • ·      Sudden dizziness, weakness or change in vision
  • ·      Sudden or severe pain
  • ·      Uncontrolled bleeding
  • ·      Change in mental status (i.e. confusion)

ER 24/7 Services

 ER 24/7 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is a 911 receiving facility equipped to handle emergency medical situations including heart attack care, stroke car, cardiopulmonary monitoring, nebulizer treatments and airway management. Services include intravenous fluids and medications and minor trauma management and psychiatric capability. ER 24/7 is disaster prepared, and includes a decontamination center. Physicians Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Trained Registered Nurses follow EMTALA Regulations. 

ER 24/7 features full laboratory services with instant results and offers X-ray, ultrasound and/or CT scan. Should a patient need aftercare, specialists are available for Care Coordination. 

ER 24/7® is located at 1430 Dale Mabry Highway in Lutz. ER 24/7 is a division of Medical Center of Trinity and holds National Certifications through Medical Center of Trinity. ER 24/7 can be reached by calling 813-953-3900. Log on to for more information.

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