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Published on 17 February 2018 in Business
Michelle Naktin (author)

Michelle Naktin

The Cardinale Financial Group

The Cardinale Financial Group

Cardinale Financial Group is an accounting, tax and planning firm that is very unique in many ways. The practice provides financial services that combine over 40 years of experience in tax preparation and planning, many years of experience in understanding common and not-so-common financial issues that confront people at all stages of their lives, and implementation of diverse financial  services. 

Frederick P. Cardinale, CPA/PFSSM CFPTM is originally from upstate New York. He earned his accounting degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. After many years of owning and managing his tax and planning practice in New York State, he moved to Florida in 2004. Fred believes that professional designations should, and do, matter to clients and prospects.

People are confronted with many choices as they search for tax and financial professionals to assist them in what has become a very complex and diverse world as it relates to their “money” matters. Understanding licenses and designations can help people feel more confident that they are working with someone who is dedicated in providing the highest standard of comprehensive financial planning.

Fred is among an elite group of financial planning professionals who have demonstrated advanced knowledge of tax, estate, retirement, investment and insurance planning. Jeannette Koger, the VP of member specialization and credentialing of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has said; “Given their formal education and technical training in the areas of accountancy and taxation, CPA’s are arguably the most qualified, knowledgeable and objective financial planning professionals.”

Supplementing this with the CPA / PFSSM credential demonstrates a CPA’s commitment to providing the highest level of  financial planning services. For clients, that translates to financial planning that is CPA strong – comprehensive financial strategies that put their needs and interests first.

Fred is also a Certified Financial Planner professional. CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards to ensure financial planning recommendations are in the clients’ best interest. This, along with tough education and experience requirements, distinguish CFP® professionals from others who may just call themselves financial planners.

The Team at Cardinale Financial Group will skillfully prepare your tax returns, identifying any deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

According to a study by the US Government’s General Accounting Office, approximately 71 million taxpayers believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer. Fred warns that “Tax laws are becoming increasingly complex, especially with the newly enacted changes last month.” He added that “There are many 'do-it yourself' options out there, none of which are a substitute for knowledge and experience.”  

The Cardinale Team will identify and discuss potential problems that the IRS may want to look at more closely. They will discuss ideas that can reduce your tax liability…now and in the future. They will file your returns electronically in a secure environment to help protect your identity and achieve the fastest possible refund. This knowledgeable team will continuously look for ways to minimize your taxes throughout the year, not just at the end of the year. If IRS problems or issues should arise, their licensing will allow them to represent you before the IRS, so you don’t have to lose valuable work or personal time to handle the issue.

Cardinale Financial Group provides many helpful and money saving services to small business owners. “Our staff includes people that are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors,” says Fred. He went on to say, “We assist clients with their accounting in different ways, depending on their individual needs. Some clients need assistance only at year end, while others may need our help monthly. We are very flexible and design our services as needed to minimize our fees.”  

The firm also provides advice regarding best practices used by business owners in the areas of payroll, recordkeeping, pension plans and other fringe benefit programs offered to employees. Fred went on to state, “We even provide social security planning services to small business owners. Most clients know that they have an important decision to make regarding when they begin collecting social security. What they often don’t know, however, is that in many cases, we can help them increase the amount of their social security benefit…with adequate payroll planning.”

The Team at Cardinale Financial Group knows that tax preparation and planning, for individuals and businesses, is very important. An article in the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Tax Foundation stated in 2015 that “Americans spend more on taxes than they do on food, clothing, and housing combined.” As today’s economic, financial and tax landscapes become increasingly complex, a comprehensive approach to financial services – one that considers your entire financial picture – can lead to clearer and more confident financial decisions.

Every financial decision, from your investment choices to financing a home, saving for retirement or funding your child’s education, also carries important tax implications. The Team strongly believes that all aspects of your financial picture should be given equal emphasis, including the impact of taxes on both short and long-term financial decisions.

Cardinale’s affiliation with HD Vest Investment Services provides these important parts of the complete financial planning services options. Cardinale said, “We’ve determined that there are eight common wealth management issues affecting every client, and through a unique guide, we can help clients systematically address each of these key areas. It isn’t a cookie cutter model used to force clients into particular investments. Instead, it’s a transformational process that will allow us to address the client's many individual financial needs.”  During this process, the Team discusses Investment Management*, Cash-Flow and Debt Management, Family Risk Management, Retirement, Education, Estate Planning, Business Planning and Planning for Special Situations. Fred feels this makes the Firm unique. They work to really understand all aspects of their clients’ financial needs, both now and in the future, which can lead to a customized, holistic game plan to address their specific needs. By understanding all sides of their situation, the Team can offer a more comprehensive approach.

Cardinale Financial Group is dedicated to helping the greater Tampa Bay area pursue their financial goals. Together they use their diverse experience and education to implement a combination of sound financial reporting and tax planning that makes accounting and financial services work together. To provide the best advice possible, they will discuss your goals, dreams, and aspirations, as well as your financial issues and concerns. The Firm has built a foundation of trust and long-lasting relationships. Their goal is for their clients to gain comfort knowing that they will always be there to provide services to their family and dependents for many years to come.Do not let time pass you by.

Let Cardinale Financial Group help you today!

Cardinale Financial Group is located at 23546 State Road 54 in Lutz, Fl, 33559. Contact them today at 813-991-1910 or visit their website at

Frederick P. Cardinale CPA / PFSSM CFPTM, Advisory Representative, CA Insurance License #0G48587

*Securities offered through H.D. Vest Investment Services

SM  Member:  SIPCAdvisory Services offered through H.D. Vest Advisory Services SM Cardinale Financial Group LLC is not a registered broker / dealer or registered investment advisory firm.

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