Tech Talk With Bob The Computer Guy

Greetings Friends… My name is Bob Dalles, better known as Bob The Computer Guy.  

My goal is to help my readers better understand computer systems, wired and wireless networks, information technology (IT) devices like phones and pads; and most importantly, keeping you as safe as possible when you interact with the internet and other networks.

A little bit about me.  I want you to know that you are dealing with an individual who draws on decades of experience and sincerely wants to share this knowledge with you.  

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Kristen and Trey Inman

GCS Driving Academy Teaches Hands-On Driving in Real World Situations

A long career as a racecar driver and performance driving coach led George Csanadi to open GCS Driving Academy, which caters to two very different types of drivers:  Those who own high-performance vehicles and hire George to help them turn their fantasies into realities, and young drivers with parents who want to hire the very best driving coach for their children.

Jorge and Christina Moraes

Super: Super Cleaning for Your Home and Office

When was the last the time you gave your home a really super cleaning?  At the end of a long day, there is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty, messy house but after you’ve worked long hours, carted your kids around to their different activities, and then figured out what to do for dinner, who has time to clean?  The good news is… you don’t have to. Super Cleaning can handle all the dirty work around your home so all you have to do is come home and enjoy it.

Leading the Way in Culinary Experience ­ ¡CUATRO Restaurant & Bar at TPC Tampa Bay!

¡CUATRO Restaurant & Bar at TPC Tampa Bay in Lutz is a modern restaurant designed to bring people together. Bring friends and co-workers to ¡CUATRO and everyone will enjoy the fresh seasonal flavors curated by Executive Chef Benjamin Clark.

Considered one of the most beautiful and exciting 18-hole resort golf courses in Florida, TPC Tampa Bay’s gorgeous landscaping that winds through natural wetlands, cypress trees, lagoons, oaks and abundant wildlife areas is the perfect backdrop for a top-rated round of golf and delicious award-winning food from ¡CUATRO. ¡CUATRO Restaurant & Bar is truly a hidden gem and should be on every food lover’s list of places to dine in the Tampa Bay Area.

The Spears Family

Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical: Cornerstone Pros Has It All Covered!

With over 50 years of industry experience, Cornerstone Pros meets the needs of their customers throughout the Tampa Bay Area for air conditioning, plumbing and electrical work. Along with skilled professionalism and quality work, Cornerstone Pros takes pride in providing service with a smile and the team does their best to continually exceed the expectations of their customers. 


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K and K Parrot Supplies: Everything Your Feathered Friend Needs

K and K Parrot Supplies recently opened a new retail store at 4608 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard.  For more than 13 years the online retailer has been providing bird owners and lovers with high quality toys, food, and accessories at competitive prices and now, with their brick and mortar location, they are able to serve their customers and their birds even better and continuing to live up to their slogan to provide feathered friends with everything they need to live happy, healthy lives.

Primrose School of Lutz: The Leader in Early Childhood Education & Care

Primrose Schools have led in quality, innovative early childhood education and care for the past 35 years.  Ami Gohil was so impressed with Primrose’s balanced learning approach that she decided to open her own.  “I first found out about Primrose Schools when I was a parent.  Both of my children attended a local Primrose School and I was a teacher there for three years.  My family was so impressed with the positive impact the school had in our lives and the lives of other families that we decided to open one in Bloomingdale.”

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Albert Family Orthodontics, Where Beautiful Smiles are Always in Style!

When your child’s permanent teeth start coming in and they aren’t lining up as they should, don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best when looking for an orthodontist. Garnering fantastic reviews from his patients, Jeremy Albert, DMD, MS is a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, and has been in private practice since 2003.

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