Primrose School of Lutz: The Leader in Early Childhood Education & Care

Published on 13 July 2017 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford


Primrose Schools have led in quality, innovative early childhood education and care for the past 35 years. Ami Gohil was so impressed with Primrose’s balanced learning approach that she decided to open her own. “I first found out about Primrose Schools when I was a parent.  Both of my children attended a local Primrose School and I was a teacher there for three years. My family was so impressed with the positive impact the school had in our lives and the lives of other families that we decided to open one in Bloomingdale.”  

In May the opportunity to take over Primrose School of Lutz came open and, being a resident of the area, Ami took the opportunity to become the new owner. “This is our passion to service families and children of our community and prepare them for their next stage of life.”“We feel like everyone needs Primrose,” said Executive Director Sonya Boyette. “We live here. We know people in the community and we want the children of this area to have a safe, loving environment that feels like a second home to them.”

Primrose parents notice the teachers and administration’s compassion and care.  “What makes Primrose so special to us is that the entire staff genuinely love and care about the children,” says dad Doug H. “You can see it in how they greet them each morning, how they interact with the kids throughout the day during educational lessons and play, and how they take interest in the children’s lives. For us, it really is a home away from home. Our 4-year-old son has been at Primrose for about two and a half years and our 10-month-old son has been at Primrose for seven months. We can honestly say they are both thriving in the positive environment that Primrose provides.”

Balanced Learning: At Primrose School of Lutz, they know that children learn better when they are engaged and that’s why their curriculum combines learning and play to keep children interested and active throughout out the day. Primrose’s lessons are based on years of early childhood education research and each year the lessons are evaluated and redesigned if needed so that they can evolve to meet the changing needs in children’s education.

Everything at Primrose is based on your child’s age group and what their developmental needs are at each stage. “Our children have fun while they are learning,” says Sonya. “It is academics with play. We incorporate lots of STEAM related activities into our lessons.”

One recent activity saw children building shelters using different materials and then testing them in a water table to see which material worked best. An art lesson included children looking at a piece of art, learning about different mediums and brushstrokes, and then creating their own work of art using whatever materials they wanted.

Balanced Nutrition: Primrose School of Lutz believes that a healthy, balanced diet is instrumental for your child’s growth – mentally and physically. They provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all their students prepared by a chef.  Along the way, they teach children the importance of making healthy choices. 

Character Development:  “What a child becomes is just as important as what they know,” says Sonya. Because Primrose School of Lutz believes that character development in an integral part of a child’s learning, they weave character development lessons into what children are experiencing throughout the day.  

The idea and importance of manners, honesty, leadership, conservation, and more are all explored during fun monthly lessons and activities. Students also have the chance to learn about the joy of giving back to their community. “We want to teach our children to give back without the expectation of anything in return,” said Ami. “The first five years of life are very important to character development.”

“I have been in early childhood education for 11 years,” said Assistant Director Kathleen Brunnet. “I wanted to find a center that met my vision of what I thought early childhood education should be and Primrose School of Lutz is that. We live out the values and vision of the school everyday. I believe in what we do here.” 

More From Primrose Parents:  

“At this age, learning should be fun and not institutionalized. As a family, we know our child is safe, happy, genuinely loved, and receives the type of care we would expect from a private preschool setting. We know without a doubt we made the right decision for our child by choosing Primrose of Lutz and have no regrets.” And, mom Sarah W. said, “I know from the moment my child goes in for the day, till the time we arrive to go home, the activities at Primrose are engaging, educational, and fun.” 

Primrose School of Lutz offers loving care for children as young as six-weeks-old, and through Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) age, readying children for a successful transition to kindergarten.  

They offer before and after care for elementary school students and drop-off and pick-up from McKitrick Elementary School, Sun Lake Academy, and Schwarzkopf Elementary School. 

Primrose School of Lutz is located at 5001 W. Lutz Lake Fern Road. They are open Mon. – Fri., 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.  

For more  information or to schedule a tour, please call (813) 920-9384 or visit 

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