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Published on 13 July 2017 in Business

Greetings Friends… My name is Bob Dalles, better known as Bob The Computer Guy.  

My goal is to help my readers better understand computer systems, wired and wireless networks, information technology (IT) devices like phones and pads; and most importantly, keeping you as safe as possible when you interact with the internet and other networks.

A little bit about me.  I want you to know that you are dealing with an individual who draws on decades of experience and sincerely wants to share this knowledge with you.  

When I say decades I am not talking about only twenty-some years, as much as I hate to admit it, were looking more closely at forty years.  

My computer experience goes back to the latter half of the 1970’s before the surge of the personal computers industry.  

Remember computer punch cards?  If you don’t, then good for you my friends, you are “soooo” lucky.  

Compared to today’s methods of interacting with computers you would probably not be a big fan of punch cards.  

Even if you enjoy the novelty of playing around with older technology, you would quickly get tired of the tedium of using computer punch cards on a daily basis.

In addition to my approximately forty-some years of technology experience, I have owned and operated computer consulting corporations since 1995.  

Plus, I have been an IT Instructor for a well-known technical college for the last eight years.  

I continue to teach as well as run my computer corporation on a daily basis.

I want this column to not only be my column but our column.  

On a regular basis, I will provide you with topics I hope you will find interesting.  

However, most importantly, I would love for you to submit questions on IT topics that interest you.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know me better.  

Got a tech question?  Email me at TechTalk-TBNL@BobTheComputerGuy.NET.  

Questions will be selected by the popularity of a topic and answered in this column.  

If you have a more urgent need or have a unique situation you may schedule an appointment with one of my Professionally Certified Technicians by calling 727-534-4000.  

Until next time, stay safe and secure when using the Internet.

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