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Published on 8 December 2012 in Business
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas


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Dental Assistant Rhonda, Dr. Douglas, Office Manager Paula, Dental Hygienist Kathy & Dental Assistant Holly

Dental Assistant Rhonda, Dr. Douglas, Office Manager Paula, Dental Hygienist Kathy & Dental Assistant Holly

Everyone loves to see you smile! And Douglas Dentistry loves to make beautiful smiles. So, if you are looking for exceptional dental care from a dentist whose services range from general dentistry for the entire family to implants and cosmetic dentistry, then make an appointment to meet Shawn Douglas, DDS, and his friendly staff, who welcome you to Douglas Dentistry’s new office in Lutz.

Dr. Douglas’ practice outgrew its previous location at 8734 N. Mobley Rd. in the Fox’s Corner shopping center in Odessa and the move to a new office on October 15th was the perfect time to rename his practice – Odessa Family Dentistry is now Douglas Dentistry, located at 5306 Van Dyke Road in Lutz. Dentistry is family-oriented and the roomier office is comfortable for all aged patients and easily accommodates your family. “We are in a larger facility to better accommodate our patients,” says Dr. Douglas. “We have incorporated several pieces of new dental equipment including massaging dental chairs. We are confident that these timely, positive changes will result in a better patient experience and although we are excited about the changes, there are some things that will NOT change. Our patients will still receive the personalized care and attention from our entire staff that they have come to expect.”

With the larger facility comes some awesome perks, like those upgraded chairs that Dr. Douglas had installed in all of the treatment rooms. Patients feel pampered after a visit to Douglas Dentistry, where Dr. Douglas and his staff work hard to create positive dental experiences for every patient. Sedation is available for those who need it, but most patients find that they are very comfortable due to the combination of Dr. Douglas’ easy manner and the comfort-inducing cozy neck pillows and blankets that are provided in addition to the luxurious massaging dental chairs.

Dr. Douglas is one of those people who knew from an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up. Every summer he would shadow his uncle, who was an endodontist. It was through working alongside his uncle and seeing firsthand how dentistry could truly improve people’s lives that he knew dentistry was what he wanted to do.

After attending USF and receiving his college degree, he received a Master’s degree in Health and Administration. From there, he was accepted at the illustrious University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he attended their School of Dentistry. Dr. Douglas also completed his residency at the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry where he performed full-mouth reconstructions, including dental implants. This opportunity really fueled his desire to do more of this kind of work, and dental implants and cosmetic reconstruction are his focus because of the life-changing impact that these dental procedures can provide to patients.

Dr. Douglas knows that your smile is important, just as having healthy teeth and gums are. He combines his dedication to providing comprehensive and affordable dental care with his passion for creating beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry. “I really love working with my hands,” says Dr. Douglas, “and working with cosmetic dentistry allows me to really make a difference in people’s lives.”

Douglas Dentistry utilizes the best of dental technology in order to provide an elevated level of care to its patients.


Dental Assistant Rhonda, Dr. Douglas, Office Manager Paula, Dental Hygienist Kathy & Dental Assistant Holly

Dental Assistant Rhonda, Dr. Douglas, Office Manager Paula, Dental Hygienist Kathy & Dental Assistant Holly


“Digital x-rays are ideal because they give off a much lower dose of radiation to the patient; in fact, they are up to 90 percent lower. It is also a lot more diagnostic because, as a dentist, you can manipulate and enhance the image to better diagnose your patients. Also, digital x-rays are ‘green’ and better for the environment, because no chemicals are required to create the image,” says Dr. Douglas.

Another diagnostic tool that Dr. Douglas finds very useful is the intraoral camera that allows him to actually show a patient an up-close, high definition photo of the inside of their mouth and individual teeth. Not only is the intra-oral camera an excellent diagnostic tool, it is also a great way for him to educate his patients about their oral care and the dental procedures that are planned for their care.

You Can Change Your Smile!

Through dental reconstruction, Dr. Douglas can give you a glamorous smile! No matter what a person’s genetics determined, the miracle of cosmetic dentistry is changing the way people see themselves and helping many to feel better about themselves.

If you have a chipped tooth or ever avoid smiling because you are not proud of your teeth, you should consider cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Douglas can easily repair chipped teeth, hide unsightly gaps, and create a beautiful smile that has straight, brilliant white teeth without the need for braces or apparatuses. This kind of procedure can be done in as little as two visits to Douglas Dentistry.

Advances in dental techniques and the use of advanced materials have taken cosmetic dentistry far beyond what dentists could do ten years ago. His skill, artistic eye and knowledge of the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as dental implants, allow Dr. Douglas to completely transform his patients’ smiles if they need it, and even if they just want a prettier smile.

Dental implants are beautiful and functional, offering an excellent advanced alternative to bridges and dentures. Dr. Douglas is skilled at these longstanding procedures too, but most patients prefer the newer procedures. Dental implants can bring a quality of life back into people’s lives that many of them thought they would never have again.

If you are looking for a family dentist who treats patients of all ages, who takes his time, and who has a passion for what he does – whether you need a full mouth restoration or simply need a cleaning or maybe professional teeth whitening, visit Dr. Douglas at Douglas Dentistry, which accepts most dental PPOs and offers patients low and no-interest payment plans so that everyone can have a beautiful smile.

Douglas Dentistry is located at 5306 Van Dyke Road in Lutz. Office hours are Tues., 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Wed. and Thurs., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; and 8 p.m. – 3 p.m. on Fri. For more information, visit online at or call (813) 960-3300 to make an appointment.

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