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Published on 10 January 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Location(s): The Event Factory, Event Factory Studios

Walking into The Event Factory, located at 7565 Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, is like stepping out of real life and into a fairytale. It’s true. From the outside you would never know that an entirely different world waits beyond the doors, for on the outside it looks like a small boutique in a strip plaza. But just like any magical story worth its salt, you quickly find that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Once inside, you and your guests will find yourselves immersed in a 50,000-square-foot facility that has been transformed into a gorgeous new world. Like walking onto the set of a high-end production, The Event Factory has created a detailed and elegant setting where your event will take center stage, and you can be the star.

What’s better than one magical place to celebrate your Quinceneara, your wedding or your corporate event? Two! Introducing Event Factory Studios, located 12306 S.R. 52 in Hudson, Florida, just 30 minutes from Tampa. This enchanting, freestanding facility, sits on 7 acres of woods, and offers guests an exclusive and private experience in addition to the creativity and décor that waits inside. Alicia Snow, CFO and Event Coordinator of the Hudson location will help you plan your royal gala which features The Diamond Ballroom and Chapel, which can seat 190 guests. Event Factory Studios is an 11,000-square-foot country-club-like facility that offers the same level of service and expertise that the guests of the original Event Factory in Tampa have come to expect.

The Event Factory has created a stress-free, all-inclusive event solution by creating a magical world that is both spacious yet indoors and away from Florida’s unpredictable elements. Thinking of every detail, the professionals who created The Event Factory make it their top priority to make your event a success. In fact, The Event Factory makes it simple, because each of their packages includes access to one of their fully decorated ballrooms, catering by one of their many trusted vendors, non-alcoholic beverages, photography, videography and DJ services. The best part? It’s affordable, and they’ve even left off the gratuity and service fees. There are packages for nearly every budget, every size event, and they even offer payment plans so that every girl can feel like royalty, even if she doesn’t have a diamond tiara.

Christina, who had her wedding at The Event Factory, said, “We had a beautiful wedding at the Event Factory! It comes pre-decorated and it’s like walking into a fairy tale. I could not have been happier with the service we received and the quality of the pictures. The greatest part of everything was that most of the services that were needed, were included in the package we booked. We only had to book an officiant and buy bouquet flowers and boutonnieres. We have over 200 pictures of our wedding and they look very professional and tasteful. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for any easy way to plan your wedding. It was simple and I didn’t have to stress over finding 20 different vendors to do everything.”

The Royal History

Owner Harry Simon Jr., who was raised in St. Petersburg, didn’t set out to create one of Florida’s premier event venues; however, that’s exactly what he and his wife Carmen ended up doing! In fact, the history of The Event Factory began when Simon was just a teenager who was fascinated by some of the new motorized figures that he had seen at a local Christmas shop, which focused on elaborate train sets. Soon, Simon was creating his own animated figures, and was doing such a good job that the very same Christmas shop that inspired him, soon began ordering from him and teaching him how to share his business. Simon’s company grew very quickly as many retailers wanted to use his line of products, and before long his list of clients include Walt Disney Parks, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, and Spencer Gifts, just to name a few.

Simon’s sets were elaborate and beautiful, and as a result he was always being approached by people who wanted to use his showroom to hold their special events, weddings and elaborate dinner parties. Thus, The Event Factory was born. Opened in 1996, The Castle Ballroom was complete in 1998, and people loved it. It wasn’t until Simon met and married his lovely wife, Carmen, (they had a Disney themed wedding in the Castle Ballroom where each of her bridesmaids got to be one of the princesses!) that they realized that they should create a one-stopshop by bringing everything under one roof.

Not surprisingly, people wanted to have all kinds of events at The Event Factory, and so they have created packages for those events as well. So whether you’re planning a huge corporate party, like Home Depot and Busch Gardens has done for their employees, are planning an anniversary party, a prom, a Bar Mitzvah or even a child’s party, they’ve created a package for you.

Now with two locations, and franchise opportunities available, brides, quince girls and companies from all over Tampa Bay are booking their parties and special occasions with this phenomenal company.

The Event Factory Makes Event Planning Simple

Instead of stressing about your big day, and coordinating vendors up until the last second, the staff at The Event Factory and Event Factory Studios plans your event with you and your family. The experienced staff can help you create the event of your dreams. Spending the time to really understand each guest and to learn their wishes, and then personalizing their package to meet those requests, is one of their many specialties. Complete with dressing rooms, private photography studios, and even a rental facility for gowns, The Event Factory will have you feeling like a princess on your day.

Maybe that’s why they host more than 200 events per year, have such positive reviews on wedding sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire, and have so many returning customers. If you want to create a classy, beautiful and exciting event that people will be talking about for many years to come, you’ve got to consider The Event Factory and Event Factory Studios.

Tiffany said, “The Event Factory is an all inclusive venue. They were so great…They helped me throughout the whole planning process and made it so easy on me. The stress level went way down after booking with them.”

Entertain Like Royalty

If you love the idea of making a grand entrance into your reception on a Cinderella carriage that emerges from the fog, or holding court over your entire entourage with a view that will make sure that you don’t miss a thing, while still being front and center, you’ll love this venue. Or if arriving in an open-air Hummer is more your speed, they’ve got that too. You can incorporate your personal style into their jaw-dropping soundstage and create exactly the event you’ve imagined.

The Tampa location features The Castle Ballroom, which can seat between 200-500 guests comfortably, and the Celestial Swan Ballroom, which is for a slightly smaller event, making this the perfect venue for any King to marry his Queen, or for any princess to come of age. In fact, two Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had their weddings here! There’s a beautiful chapel inside, and a walkway reminiscent of an English garden or an enchanted forest to guide your guests through the evening, from ceremony to hors dourves and cocktails to the reception.

Simon says, “Most of the people who come to us, use our chapel once they’ve seen it.”

It’s not hard to see why! The beautifully lit chapel is complete with stained glass windows and set up with a sound system that is both powerful, yet hidden. It’s honestly hard to believe when you’re there that you’re not in a free-standing church or chapel because it is so grand.

Simon adds, “We designed the chapel and each of our ballrooms to have state-of-the-art sound equipment, and created a places where our photographers and videographers would be able to capture the day without being in the way of the ceremony or blessing.”

Each ballroom has been designed to envelop your guests into a story, and they move seamlessly from ceremony to cocktail hour and to the reception without having to step foot outside. Speaking of cocktails, most special event facilities charge a fee and lot of money for serving alcohol, but not here. You can bring your own alcohol and hire your own bartender! (If you don’t know one that’s ok, they’ve got a long list of excellent ones). If you’ve ever planned an elaborate event, you can appreciate the kind of savings that this can mean on the budget. It’s just another way that The Event Factory and Event Factory Studios makes the day more enjoyable, and affordable for their guests.

While each ballroom is set up for a royal affair, and completely ready for your guests, many people choose to personalize their event, and The Event Factory makes it easy. They have a few popular themes at the ready, including Phantom of the Opera and Hollywood Glamour. However, Event Factory can create whatever theme you’d like – the sky’s the limit, really, because that’s the beauty of the entire concept. It can be whatever you need it to be, but most people’s favorite part is that it’s already perfect the way it is.

If you are celebrating a momentous occasion or special event, The Event Factory and Event Factory Studios will help you create an experience that you and your guests will never forget. This all-inclusive venue will make your event the event of 2014! Hurry in for a tour, as dates are filling up fast at both locations!

The Event Factory’s main location is at 7565 W. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, and Event Factory Studios is located at 12306 S.R. 52 in Hudson. For more information or to schedule an appointment to tour either facility, please call the Tampa office at 813- 806-0026, visit their website at www.TheEventFactory.com or you can reach them by email at TheEventFactory@verizon.net.

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