Dr. Mark Gottlieb Takes the Extra Time to Really Care for Patients

Published on 10 January 2014 in Business
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas


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Dr. Mark Gottlieb

Dr. Mark Gottlieb

Your health is one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime. After all, a strong, healthy body and clear mind can add years to your life making you feel rejuvenated, energized and happy. Mark Gottlieb, DO, cares for his patients in Trinity with a mindset to help people feel better from the inside out, based upon approaching healthcare as a relationship where he works one-on-one with you to help change your lifestyles for healthier, longitudinal living.

Dr. Gottlieb opened his practice in Trinity last July after moving to the community with his wife Nancy and children. Originally from Philadelphia, Dr. Gottlieb attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, which is a highly accredited osteopathic society that specializes in teaching students to take a “whole person” approach. Osteopathic doctors learn the importance of educating patients in taking charge of their own health and working towards healing through lifestyle modification.

Dr. Gottlieb says, “The best medicine is done when physicians and patients work together as equal teammates. Great communication and mutual respect must exist. I believe working together, analyzing a patient’s lifestyle and really obtaining an understanding of each individual patient is key to great healthcare and longevity.”

Dr. Gottlieb came out of residency in 1993 and ever since has been working one-on-one with patients to provide the knowledge they need in order to become healthier. “The biggest success in my practice is when I can work with someone to help them improve their lives without medicine, or even being able to help them get off certain prescriptions,” says Dr. Gottlieb. “Many patients just need a little extra guidance to take control of their health, even if it is as small as suggesting a five minute walk everyday. The difference can be phenomenal and I love to see my patients walk out of my office feeling educated, energized and excited to start changing their lives!”

With a mindset to build lasting relationships with each patient, Dr. Gottlieb takes the extra time necessary to find our about each person visiting his office.

He says, “Patients know themselves the best. You have to listen to them. I like to educate my patients as thoroughly as possible. I go into the details of what the problem is about, what we can both do to make it better and if I do need to provide medication, I make certain that I give a full education on what the medicine does within their body, both the pros and cons.”

Dr. Gottlieb works to make health simple for patients and breaks healthcare down into simple terms, so each individual can be fully informed on what is going on with them selves.

“I have done extensive work with patients on lifestyle modification. We discuss nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, stress triggers and how to better the lifestyle they are leading,” explains Dr. Gottlieb. “Knowledge is power and I believe that when patients learn about their own bodies, they feel empowered and able to enrich their lives.”

His office is welcoming and comfortable. When you enter, you don’t feel as if you have walked into a clinical setting. Dr. Gottlieb wants patients to feel as comfortable as possible and open up to him about their concerns. “I don’t just focus on treating disease, I work to improve the overall health of patients and help them maximize their lives,” says Dr. Gottlieb. “Maximizing health has a different meaning than just caring. We want people to know what it is like to feel good! We put together a roadmap of sorts to help them become more energetic and enrich their lives; I help them along the journey to better vitality.”

It can be overwhelming to go through lifestyle changes and Dr. Gottlieb assists his patients on their path to better health. “Little steps can make a big difference,” says Dr. Gottlieb. “We try to not make anything overwhelming and I try to lead by example within my own lifestyle choices.” Dr. Gottlieb really listens to his patients when talking about certain subjects such as stress and other issues going on within their lives. He has a natural understanding of human nature and works to read the nonverbal cues his patients send him while talking with them about their health.

Dr. Gottlieb started out in graduate school studying physics. After doing some work in radiation oncology as a physicist, he realized that he needed to change his career path. “I felt as if I didn’t have enough power to help people as a physicist and that is when I decided I wanted to be a physician,” says Dr. Gottlieb. “I wanted to have a greater impact on people’s lives by helping them reduce suffering and live fuller lives. It was a real awakening experience. I saw many nice people pass away after so much suffering and I just knew I wanted to be a driving force behind helping patients be healthier, so they wouldn’t have to suffer further down the line.”

The relationship Dr. Gottlieb builds with his patients is personalized, individualized and highly attentive to every detail that can affect their health and vitality.

Dr. Gottlieb is assisted at his practice by medical assistant and office manager, Stacey Patitz. She is a very personable and her communication skills are highly attuned to relationship building with patients. Stacey and Dr. Gottlieb work together to provide excellent primary care, lifestyle analysis, bloodwork, breathing tests, and much more.

Dr. Gottlieb also is on the staff at the Medical Center of Trinity, as well as a part of their committee for Continuing Medical Education. He will be speaking at the Medical Center of Trinity on January 29th, discussing the ABCs of Diabetes. The event is open to the public and you can “learn about the rise of type II diabetes and how to improve lifestyle strategies,” says Dr. Gottlieb. “Nothing charges me up more than doing a nice public presentation that can help people walk away with something to incorporate into their lives.”

Visit Dr. Gottlieb as a new patient or go watch his presentation on January the 29th at 12 p.m. to learn more about his mission and lifestyle modification coaching.

Dr. Gottlieb’s office is located at 1807 Short branch Drive, Suite 101 in New Port Richey. The plaza he is located in is right off Duck Slough Boulevard and Maple Creek Drive. Call (727) 233-7307 for more information or to set up an appointment with the wonderful and caring Dr. Gottlieb.

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