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Published on 4 April 2016 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford


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Attorney Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans – both are Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit, and County Mediators

Attorney Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans – both are Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit, and County Mediators

Divorce is never easy. Not only is it a huge change in your life, but it can also drain your family’s finances, take years to settle, and create friction and animosity among family members. Tampa Friendly Divorce offers couples a mediation process that can make your divorce as easy, painless, and inexpensive as possible. Located at 5111 Ehrlich Road, Tampa Friendly Divorce uses a two-mediator, team approach to save you time, money, and unneeded conflict. Along the way, Attorney Chris Shulman and Brenda Evans – both are Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit, and County Mediators – provide help to couples who want a divorce. They help them make decisions together in a way that meets their family’s needs, now, and in the future. 
“When two people are able to communicate, they are better off sitting together to make decisions about the future of their lives rather than letting a court decide,” says Brenda. “We provide a forum for mature, respectful conversations about issues that need to be decided when going through a divorce. We help couples set up a coparenting plan and determine child support. Our process is very proactive. Together, we develop a plan for the future and try to eliminate any foreseeable issues.” 
“Tampa Friendly Divorce empowers couples to make their own personal decisions,” says Chris. They strive to help couples develop a divorce plan both agree on, and if the couple agrees before the mediation process begins, Tampa Friendly Divorce attorneys will file all the necessary forms with the court so that clients can ease into the next phase of their lives. 
“Going through a divorce was a journey I did not want to take and the horror stories I heard from several people caused a lot of anxiety,” says Tampa Friendly Divorce client C.D.C. “However, in working with Tampa Friendly Divorce I was able to work alongside a team of professionals that cared about both parties and helped us to think through issues that had the potential to cause both financial and emotional hardships had they not been addressed at that time. I am very grateful for their approach and have recommended them to others facing a similar situation.” 
One of the only Divorce Mediation services of its kind in Tampa, Co-founder and Attorney Chris Shulman recognized that there was a lack of this type of service for couples when he was going through his own divorce. Chris is a professional neutral with almost 20 years of experience. Between service as a mediator, arbitrator, hearing officer, and federal-sector EEO complaint adjudicator, Chris has resolved or, in the case of mediation, helped the parties resolve, more than 4,200 matters. Chris may occasionally use humor to lighten tension, but he never takes lightly the importance each case holds for the people in the dispute. 

With over 25 years in business, Brenda Evans’ experience includes corporate award-winning recognition for repeated successful change management – helping lead people through difficult transitions. As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit, and County Mediator, she now leverages her award-winning skills to help Tampa Friendly Divorce clients navigate the divorce process. With insightful questioning, she helps couples verbalize their intentions, thus creating appropriately detailed terms for their Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan – ensuring the documents will serve as useful future references. This attention to detail provides clients a sense of security, allowing them to focus on all the other details of transitioning to their separate (yet, if co-parenting, parallel) lives. 
“Many people don’t realize that a ‘Friendly’ divorce is an option,” says Chris. “Whether you are thinking about a divorce or know someone who is, Tampa Friendly Divorce can help transition to your new normal.” 
Unlike divorce involving litigation, which can end up with spiraling costs for both parties, Tampa Friendly Divorce provides all costs upfront so that there are no surprises for either party. They have the resources to help with additional professional recommendations if necessary but will ensure that every step of the way, you will not be blindsided by additional costs to your resources or time. 
“Once you’ve made the difficult decision that it is time to divorce, many people then ask themselves ‘Now what?’” says Brenda. “We offer a friendly, civil, respectful way to help you make the right decisions for your family so that you can live separately but without undue animosity.” For the last week of April, Brenda and Chris have set aside time for complimentary consultations with couples to help them determine if Tampa Friendly Divorce is the right process for their divorce. Call 813-935-9922 to schedule your appointment. 
Tampa Friendly Divorce is located at 5111 Ehrlich Road in Tampa. They are open Monday through Saturday by appointment. The attorneys realize that your life continues throughout the divorce process and therefore offer evening and weekend appointments at no additional charge. For more information, visit TampaFriendlyDivorce.com and to schedule your complimentary consultation, email Brenda@TampaFriendlyDivorce.co m or call (813) 935-9922.

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