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Published on 9 May 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


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Brain Balance Achievement Centers have changed the way that children who face learning challenges become successful. The proven strategies used are completely customized to your child and help them to exercise their brains, the way we exercise our bodies! Brain Balance helps children who have ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities or Processing Disorders, to work beyond those challenges and become more successful socially, developmentally and cognitively.

More children are diagnosed with a learning, cognitive or processing disorder every day, and modern medicine’s only approach thus far has been for children to take pills that have numerous side effects. Brain Balance Achievement Centers take a whole-child approach that is personalized and focused on finding the root cause, instead of masking the symptoms. For parents who have children who struggle with these issues, Brain Balance offers more than a program, it offers proven results.

The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Tampa, located at 4022 Tampa Road in Oldsmar, is one of more than 50 Brain Balance Centers in the nation that offer an individualized program that includes nutrition, sensory motor coaching and academic skill improvement.

Employing Florida Certified Teachers who have impressive resumes in the fields of Behavioral Sciences and Exceptional Education, Brain Balance takes a “brain-based, not drug based” approach. Brain Balance is an education facility, not a medical facility, and they make it a lot of fun for kids to come, play, grow and change!

A Balanced Brain is a Successful Brain!

The Brain Balance program comes directly from Dr. Robert J. Melillo’s research on neurobehavioral disorders. Dr. Melillo, is a world-renowned neurologist, professor and author who strongly believes that all of these conditions, which were previously thought to be unrelated, are in fact related, and can be grouped into what is called “Functional Disconnection Syndrome.”

Children who are diagnosed with any of these conditions, actually have healthy brains! In fact, in his book, Disconnected Kids, Dr. Melillo explains that if you were to take a child with any of these conditions and give them an MRI scan, or any other number of medical tests, there would be nothing to find. Their brain is not damaged. These issues are all connection issues, and research has proven that the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain have distinct responsibilities, abilities and functions. Most of us can easily be labeled “left-brained” or “rightbrained” but research has found that when one-half of the brain has a deficiency, it leads to these connectivity issues, which can result in a “disconnect” between a child and their ability to learn, communicate and succeed. The goal is to challenge the hemisphere of the brain that is showing a deficiency, and to stimulate it so that it will learn to function.

The Brain Balance here in Oldsmar is actually owned by Director Larry Polnicky, who wanted to find answers for his own son Ben, who has autism. The Polnicky family wanted a solution that didn’t require medication, and while the closest Brain Balance Center was hours away, they were so impressed with the program that they even moved for a time to be closer to it. Their experience with the Brain Balance program was so powerful that he and his wife decided to bring the opportunity to other families in our area.


Tatiana travels from Ottawa, Canada to bring her son Sammy to Brain Balance Center of Tampa

Tatiana travels from Ottawa, Canada to bring her son Sammy to Brain Balance Center of Tampa


Larry says, “This summer is a wonderful time for parents to choose a program, like ours, that will change their child’s life.”

Brain Balance offers programs all year long, and this summer they are inviting families to consider enrolling their child in a program that can honestly change lives for the better! Children who enroll in the program are usually between 5 and 18 years old, and they may have been given a “label” by a school or even a pediatrician. The staff at Brain Balance doesn’t really believe in labels, instead, they set to work using their own expert assessments and proven evaluations to find any deficiencies. Then, they develop an individualized program that is purposeful, helpful and best of all, fun!

Sharing Sammy’s Success!

Sammy was diagnosed as severely autistic as a child, but today he doesn’t seem to be much different than any other child his age. When he walks into the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Tampa, he walks in like he owns the place! Everyone knows him by his name and his eager smile. While he comes here specifically for the Brain Balance program from Ottawa, Canada, Sammy has a passion for maps and could probably tell you more about this area than anyone else. He’s read more books than most 13- year-old boys, and his sense of humor is nothing short of charming.

Of course, it didn’t start out that way. Sammy was non-verbal and in diapers until he was five years old. His mother, Tatiana, who used to be a biochemist, was determined to get to the root of the problem without using dangerous medicines to do it. When she read Dr. Melillo’s book, she knew she’d found the answer, and today, Sammy is finishing his fourth round of the Brain Balance program.

When asked why she comes all the way down to Florida to have Sammy participate in the Brain Balance program, Tatiana says, “It’s worth every single penny, what they do here. What is six months compared to real life changes in your child?”

On paper, his progress is significant, but Sammy is more than a label, more than a prognosis. He’s a growing boy with an incredible future ahead of him. The difference shows, but you don’t have to take it from anyone else.

Sammy says, “When I started, I had low functioning autism, and I wasn’t very social. I had limited interests and very few friends. Now I’m high functioning, I’m social more and I take more interest in things, and I’m making more friends.”

If you have a child who struggles with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Processing Disorders, or even Autism, call the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Tampa.

The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Tampa is located at 4022 Tampa Rd., Suite 6. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call 813-475-6977. Email them directly at oldsmar@brainbalancecenters. com, or you may visit online at

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