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Published on 12 June 2014 in Dining
Katie Thomas (author)

Katie Thomas


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Penguin Pretzels are hand-twisted & baked fresh daily in this family-owned business.

Penguin Pretzels are hand-twisted & baked fresh daily in this family-owned business.

Nothing quite compares to the comfort of a fresh, hand-twisted, baked-to-perfection, heaven-in-your-mouth pretzel, especially when stuffed with unique and delicious fillings! Penguin Pretzel Factory in Trinity is located on Old County Road 54 and serves up the best piping hot pretzels to hit the Tampa Bay area. Made with love; these pretzels are much more than a snack and the many varieties are sure to warm your heart, fill your belly and put a smile on your face!

Penguin Pretzel Factory opened its Trinity storefront last August to offer locals a place to satiate their soft pretzel cravings. Owners Nick and Suzi run the family business with their kids and welcome the community to come fall in love with the mouth-watering creations they bake fresh daily!

Suzi says. “We were working in the food business for a very long time before we started Penguin Pretzels. We moved to the Trinity area and realized that our family was not spending enough quality time together because Nick had to travel all the time for work. Life happens and brings you in different directions; luckily we have all moved forward to share our lifelong love of food with the community.”

Penguin Pretzel Factory came to be after Nick and Suzi decided that they needed something new; a fresh start of sorts. One morning Suzi jumped out of bed craving a hot, doughy pretzel so she drew upon her culinary genius and whipped a few batches up in the kitchen. “Everyone loved them,” says Suzi. “It took me awhile to perfect our famously moist, yet not too greasy twist but once we found a product that we absolutely loved, we decided to go with it and Nick went out to promote our newest adventure.”

Nick set out to find places to allow Penguin Pretzel Factory to sell their baked goods out of their kiosks. He got in with MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) and Busch Gardens for special events. You may have already sampled one of Penguin Pretzel Factory’s fantastic creations at MOSI or Busch gardens during one of their special exhibits.

The Penguin Pretzel Factory family was excited to get into MOSI and share their twisted delicacies with the world! Once these pretzels were introduced to the public, business began growing and the pretzel making crew found many of their customers begging to know where they could buy their favorite treats outside of MOSI and Busch Gardens.

Penguin Pretzel Factory has put a new twist on pretzels with amazing tasting stuffed pretzel specialties.

Penguin Pretzel Factory has put a new twist on pretzels with amazing tasting stuffed pretzel specialties.

They knew they needed a storefront and decided upon the New Port Richey location on Old CR 54. A couple of days prior to opening the doors of Penguin Pretzel Factory in New Port Richey, Suzi had a brilliant idea. “We were planning on offering regular hand twisted pretzels,” says Suzi. “Our twists are absolutely fantastic, but I knew we could step it up and offer more, so I decided to try stuffing our dough with different fillings. The result was phenomenal and really put us on the map as uniquely different. The funny thing is, I had never stuffed a pretzel before in my life; it just happened to be a great idea that our customers loved!”

Nick adds, “We now have regulars after only a few months of being open and we serve up all sorts of unique items. We have Italian Ice, dessert pretzels, savory pretzels, classic twists and the best gourmet stuffed pretzels around. Our business aspirations are to expand throughout the entire Tampa Bay area as your local, go-to pretzel bakery!”

After sampling their fantastic, perfectly baked, not too greasy, soft and warm pretzels, I would say the Penguin Pretzel Factory family is well on their way to continued success!

Nothing Beats a Pretzel from Penguin!

Upon entering Penguin Pretzel Factory your senses are immediately greeted with a heavenly smell – a burst of simple, delicious, yummy fragrance that immediately leaves your mouth watering. Fresh dough is made every morning before sunrise by Nick himself in the Penguin Pretzel Factory kitchen. When the doors open, the family is diligently working together to twist, hand-roll, hand-stuff and create your favorite treat.

“Nothing here comes out of a box,” says Nick. “We mix our own dough, make our own dipping sauces and mix up all our own stuffing ingredients from scratch!” The restaurant itself is open, airy and bright, and customers can see right back into the kitchen where the magic happens! “We want our customers to see us making our pretzels,” says Nick. “They can come in and watch us beat the dough, shape it, stuff it and put it out for display. All the kids are involved in one way or another. Our family has really made this fun and exciting. We really just want to share the joy we are experiencing here with the community.”

Since everything is made in-house, fresh-to-order daily, you can trust that you are receiving the freshest twisted or stuffed doughy treat around. I was able to sample a few of Penguin Pretzel Factory’s customer favorites and let me tell you, these babies really do hit the spot. The warmth of the soft dough makes you feel good all over and when filled with an original Penguin Pretzel Factory stuffing-you will be hooked!

I sampled an all-time favorite, the Feta and Spinach stuffed pretzel. The dough was buttered to perfection with the right amount of garlic and stuffed inside with a fresh feta cheese and spinach combination that kicks any old regular spinach pie out of the competition! Served with a cucumber and dill dipping sauce, this savory feta and spinach stuffed pretzel had my taste buds doing the happy dance! Nick and Suzi sent me home with a classic, salted twist pretzel and a cinnamon sugar twist that were both served with different dips, including hot cheese and a splendidly sweet cream cheese sauce.

Classic pretzel twists with a side of gourmet mustard are always a delicious treat or try a sweet dessert pretzel!

Classic pretzel twists with a side of gourmet mustard are always a delicious treat or try a sweet dessert pretzel!

The creations made in the kitchen at Penguin Pretzel Factory are endless in flavor and fulfillment. Unique stuffed creations include: Bacon and Cheddar, Pepperoni and Mozzarella, Philly Cheese, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken with Ranch and Bacon and many more. Oh, I can’t forget the ever-delicious and famously named Christmas Dinner pretzel. Stuffed with roast beef, gravy, provolone cheese and French onions, this pretzel got its name when one man tried this and yelled out loud, “Just like Christmas Dinner!” Penguin Pretzel Factory is always coming up with new creations, soon to come are Taco, Sloppy Joe and Cheesy Broccoli stuffings.

If you’re having a delicious classic salted twist, don’t skip the mustard bar that gives mustard lovers options of gourmet mustard from around the world.

Penguin Pretzel Factory not only has the best pretzels around for a hearty snack or lunch, they also have a delicious breakfast pretzel. Stop by early and grab a piping hot everything pretzel and some cream cheese for a quick, delicious breakfast that will give you lasting energy.

The dessert pretzels are fabulous and sweetly shaped into a ribbon to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Try a sweet treat filled with dark chocolate, strawberries and cream, blueberry and many other sweet ingredients.

If you are looking for a hit to serve at your next party, pick a party platter from Penguin Pretzel Factory. These platters can be custom ordered or the Penguin team will put together a specialty surprise for your party.

Suzi says, “When you follow your heart and do the things you love, it all works out. We are having a fabulous experience working, living and creating homemade baked pretzels for our customers! Come join and meet our family and enjoy the unique experience of Penguin Pretzel Factory!”

Penguin Pretzel Factory is located at 8521 Old County Road 54 in New Port Richey and is open Monday – Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Give Penguin Pretzel Factory a “like” on facebook to see upcoming specials, events and new creations! Call (727) 807-6963 for additional information.

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  • Penguin Pretzels are hand-twisted & baked fresh daily in this family-owned business.
  • Penguin Pretzel Factory has put a new twist on pretzels with amazing tasting stuffed pretzel specialties.
  • Classic pretzel twists with a side of gourmet mustard are always a delicious treat or try a sweet dessert pretzel!
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