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Published on 11 July 2014 in Dining

Tampa Culinary Entertainment is a catering company most well known for its personal chef experiences and elegant event designs. The personal experiences do not stop there; they also offer some exciting classes for one-on-one or group education in the comfort of your own home. This incredibly unique idea is personal as well! You can speak directly with your personal chef and determine exactly the flavors and cooking style that is perfect for your night. “That is exactly why we call them experiences and not just dinners!” says Owner and Head Chef Christopher Yoder.

Tampa Culinary Entertainment provides a user-friendly website where you can book and plan your experiences at spiceupdinner.com where you can connect with an Experience Coordinator to set up your dates. Once they have connected with you, they build your personal page on the site that is a 24-hour resource that can be updated during the planning process. Whether you’re planning the perfect birthday present or your next social club event, spiceupdinner.com is the place to build it all!

Inside the Company

Chef Christopher Yoder

Chef Christopher Yoder

Chef Chris established Tampa Culinary Entertainment, Inc. in September 2013 upon moving to Pasco County. “I felt something different here, I feel like Tampa Bay is less of a destination and more of a place to live, so I wanted to bring the experience to their homes. My business strategy is to provide a unique experience that generates perpetual happiness and makes the community a better place! I’d say it has paid off so far!”

Chef Chris adds, “I’m so excited to start something like this in Tampa Bay. I think this is the perfect place to bind fresh local resources with the exciting meals!” Chris is excited about the great business climate in Tampa Bay and the area’s emerging foodie culture. He describes his current marketing plan as a “boots on the ground” approach. He is a frequent vendor at many local events and charity functions where they provide food or give away classes for raffles.

The website (spiceupdinner.com) is very professional and expands upon many of the options that Tampa Culinary Entertainment offers. Each process is very simple and the planning team is quick to reply to requests and questions. “Our customers want things to be simple and personal, as do we, so I put a heavy focus early on to create systems that are simple to update and allow the customers better access to us.”



Creative Culinary Classes

There are exciting experiences offered by Tampa Culinary Entertainment but what sticks out the most are the cooking classes offered in the comfort of your home, and soon you can sign up for weekly classes offered publicly. The classes offered this season are available on spiceupdinner.com and they change throughout the year.

Simply Organic Cooking: This 2- hour class is best for a small group and will cover the all the wonders of homegrown cooking! In this class, you’ll learn how to make an entire meal from locally sourced, organically grown herbs, fruit and vegetables. You will also receive the recipes and cooking instructions for the dishes created as well as tips on how to find all of the local products.

Sushi Chef: This 2-hour class that infuses all of the pacific rolling techniques for your favorite styles of sushi. We have designed a class that will immerse you into the extensive process of rolling your own sushi. We can explore some of the traditional rolls as well as make up our own! This is a great class for groups or couples.

Just For Kids: This class is geared just for kids, ages 5–16. This 3-hour session is a hands-on class that teaches the fun in making the basics! Our most exciting class is ‘Pizza Making Party’ which gives all the kids a chance to make their own personal pizza and let their imaginations explore all the wonderful and crazy combinations.

Modern Chef: This is a weekly or biweekly class offered as a full inhome cooking course, which will expand your knowledge of cooking based on what YOU want to learn. This class can be as intense or simple as you want it to be. Its okay to ask for help, especially when you take away knowledge you will use to make yourself and others happy! This course is a minimum of four classes, done weekly or biweekly.

A Walk In the Garden

Chef Chris gave us the exclusive opportunity to explore his backyard garden; more of an urban farm as there are rows and rows of spices and vegetables blooming in the summer sun. His knowledge of spices and plants is extensive. “I like to leave as little to chance as possible, so I do the growing as well as the cooking. So in a sense I start making people’s meals months in advance.” Chris’s pepper patch has eight pepper varieties and even has the hottest peppers in the world, the Bhut Jolokia. All of this growing from 100% organically made compost!

Patch of Earth

Tampa Culinary Entertainment is the proud to have created and sponsor the local not-for-profit organization called “Patch of Earth” which promotes and teaches even the stoniest thumb to cultivate vegetables on the smallest patch of earth. Community volunteers will work Patches of Earth to build and maintain small gardens in places where normally would sit vacant. The organization will be accepting volunteer applications starting in September 2014 on the website patchofearth.org. For more information, contact Chris at 407-791-9832.

A Message from Tampa Culinary Entertainment “We look forward to building our relationship with all of our community and it starts with a conversation,” says Chef Chris. “Business is more than growth in profits, it’s about growth in the people who make all of this possible.” He loves a quote from Dave Mitchell, the former curator of the Edinburgh Botanical Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland, who said, “You have to grow folk. You don’t grow folk, you don’t grow nothing!” Chef Chris shares, “We quote this because it is a testament to our philosophy and our ideology. We want to create exciting experiences because we want to improve upon the happiness that makes us better humans. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community growth. So spice things up this week and fill you home with food and fun!”

For More Information, call (813) 333-2296 or visit online at SpiceUpDinner.com. Chef Chris is available by email at Chris@spiceupdinner.com.

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