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Published on 11 September 2015 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford


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Dr. Crall is available to his patients and they can rely on him to provide individualized care

Dr. Crall is available to his patients and they can rely on him to provide individualized care

With My DPCdoc Family Medicine, small business owners have a new tool for recruitment and retention – the opportunity to provide their employees with access to their own personal primary care physician. Located at 4651 Van Dyke Road in Lutz, the DPC in My DPCdoc Family Medicine stands for Direct Patient Care. Dr. Eric Crall opened the innovative practice a year ago after becoming frustrated with traditional health care models. 
“I became a doctor to help people stay healthy. After 17 years of working as a primary care physician for a large health care system, I found myself spending less time with my patients and more time on paperwork,” says Dr. Crall. “Because I am working for my patients and not insurance companies, I can spend as much time with my patients in the office as needed. I proactively manage my patients’ health and help them manage any health issues they have. I am available to my patients by phone, email, or, if appropriate, by virtual visits. This can save patients’ time and give them peace of mind whenever they have an issue or concern.” 
Flagship Title owner Alberta Bland has found Dr. Crall and My DPCdoc Family Medicine to be a perfect fit for her employees. “We are a small business and can not afford to provide health insurance for our employees,” says Bland. “After talking to Dr. Crall about his practice, I thought it would be a great benefit to our employees but wanted to make sure they agreed. Dr. Crall came to our office and explained My DPCdoc Family Medicine to everyone in our office and they all overwhelmingly agreed that it sounded like the perfect solution to their health care needs. 
“It had been years since some of my employees had been to see a doctor and often they would let small issues turn in to bigger ones because they did not want to pay the high deductibles associated with their insurance. Now they have a physician they can call and talk to directly with any questions they have and they can go visit him as often as they need to in order to resolve health problems. 

“My DPCdoc Family Medicine has been a huge benefit to my employees and my company. My employees are able to stay healthier; they have missed less work, and, thanks to Dr. Crall’s care, are able to get well quickly when they are sick. Everyone loves him and finds him very approachable and knowledgeable. 

“I wanted to be able to offer some type of health care to my employees but knew traditional insurance was too expensive for my company. With My DPCdoc Family Medicine my employees have access to a professional, caring doctor whenever they need him. Being able to offer this program has been a great recruitment tool. I just hired a new employee and she was very thankful and overwhelmed that we had this benefit.” 
Bland concludes, “My DPCdoc Family Medicine is a great program for small businesses. It is the perfect solution to my employees’ health care needs.” 
My DPCdoc Family Medicine is able to save both employers and their employees savings on their health care through lower premiums for higher deductible insurance, no co-pays for office visits, and no need for urgent care visits since Dr. Crall is available at night and on the weekends. Dr. Crall is happy to talk to business owners about My DPCdoc Family Medicine and the Direct Patient Model to determine if it would be a benefit to their employees. 
For information about My DPCdoc Family Medicine and the direct patient model, log on to Email Dr. Crall at or call 813-321-1783. 
My DPCdoc Family Medicine is open Mon.–Fri., 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Dr. Crall is always available to his patients through phone, email, or text. You can schedule appointments by phone at 813-321-1783. Same day appointments are available. My DPCdoc Family Medicine is located at 4651 Van Dyke Road in Lutz.

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