Something to Smile About: Thompson Dental at Trinity

“I have had the best experience with Thompson Dental,” said patient Tamara F. “For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the dentist now!” Thompson Dental at Trinity is celebrating 10 years of helping people just like Tamara have healthy, happy smiles and, best of all, enjoy their dental experience. In fact, Dr. Chris Thompson and his expert, caring staff have impressed so many happy patients who have told their friends and family about their great dental experience, that Thompson Dental is expanding their space and adding another hygienist so that they will be able to serve even more area residents.

Swamp Juice

As our environmental concerns become more and more challenging, we look for increased solutions and better, earth friendly alternatives to everyday living. One local company, Eco-Solutions, has done just that. Their mission statement alone tells you what this business is all about. "Through its proprietary technologies, Eco-Solutions focuses on “Enhancing Wellness and Improving the Quality of Life”. Headquartered in Odessa, FL., Eco-Solutions Farm To Table, LLC has become a key player in solving some of our everyday concerns, while remaining environmentally conscious. Their scientifically proven insect repellent, SWAMP JUICE, in formulas for both humans and animals, has been used all around the globe. With a proprietary mix of all natural ingredients and patented technology, Swamp Juice is not only environmentally sound, it's safe and effective. With ingredients like lemon, lavender and citronella combined with their super-infused water, there are no worries about spraying harmful chemicals on yourself, your pets, into the air or on the ground. They have also developed that same technology into bead form and placed in jars. SWAMP JUICE BEADS can be placed on picnic tables, in tents, motor homes and screen porches to keep pests away so you can enjoy your time outdoors safely. Swamp Juice is available in spray bottles as well as gallon size so you can mix yourself for use on horses, stalls, chicken coops, dog bedding and more.

Let AllPro Help You With All Your Landscaping Needs

Keeping your trees hurricane ready is a year round project. Certified arborist and Allpro Tree and Landscaping owner, Pete Spiridis, can help you make sure your trees are ready if another hurricane hits us this season.

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David DiPiazza, MD

Uro- Gynecologist and Urologist: Dr. DiPiazza does both women’s and men’s care.

There is no such thing as a typical day for Dr. David DiPiazza. A skilled surgeon and expert urologist, Dr. DiPiazza sees a lot of patients with a wide range of issues from vaginal prolapse and urinary leaking in women to prostate problems for men, people suffering from embarrassing urological issues such as difficulty urinating or too frequent urination, and curing urologic oncology patients who have been diagnosed with anything from kidney cancer, bladder cancer or prostate cancer.

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“I want people to know that we’re here to help everyone, we do sincerely care about our customers, and that no job is too small,” said Bob Dalles, president. (Bob The Computer Guy & Associates Inc./Nicole Dalles)

TECH TALK With Bob The Computer Guy By Bob Dalles. Today’s Topic: Protecting Your Data

Greetings Friends… Do you protect your data?  Two things make your computer unique to you.  The programs (applications) you regularly use and your data.  These files are saved on your computer’s hard drive.  Most people are not aware that there is a high probability your hard drive will “crash” at some point in time.  A crash will make the files on your hard drive inaccessible.  A hard drive anatomy consists of moving parts and electronic circuits.  A crash can be a mechanical failure and/or an electronic failure. These failures can be caused by many events.  The two most common being power surges that can destroy the electronics, and trauma to the hard drive being physically jolted that can damage the mechanical components.  Other threats to your data can range from malware attacks to theft of the computer itself.  Sometimes the hard drive can have a manufacturer defect.  I have hard drives that still work after 20 years, and I’ve had hard drives that did not last 20 days.

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The True Boss-A-Da Sauce

It is said jokingly that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who are Italian, and those who wish they were Italian. Well, if you’re a foodie like me then we can assume the saying is true! Think about this… have you ever met anyone who really doesn’t like Italian food? I bet you haven’t!

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