Uro- Gynecologist and Urologist: Dr. DiPiazza does both women’s and men’s care.

Published on 18 October 2017 in Business
David DiPiazza, MD

David DiPiazza, MD

There is no such thing as a typical day for Dr. David DiPiazza. A skilled surgeon and expert urologist, Dr. DiPiazza sees a lot of patients with a wide range of issues from vaginal prolapse and urinary leaking in women to prostate problems for men, people suffering from embarrassing urological issues such as difficulty urinating or too frequent urination, and curing urologic oncology patients who have been diagnosed with anything from kidney cancer, bladder cancer or prostate cancer.

Thanks to his diverse medical training and expertise, Dr. DiPiazza is able  to successfully treat men and women suffering from these health issues and is often referred to as the “surgeon’s surgeon” because he gets so many referrals from gynecologist and oncologist in the area as well as local doctors who turn to him when they need urology or robotic surgery.


“I am able to take care of all kinds of problems through medicine and surgery,” said Dr. DiPiazza. “I try to figure out what is wrong and solve the problem as quickly as possible without needing a lot of additional testing or therapy. Thursdays are my most rewarding day because it is the day I go to the hospital to perform surgeries. In one day I might cure a patient with prostate cancer, save a kidney that has developed a cancer and repair a woman’s pelvic organ prolapse.  My help changes lives dramatically.  Because I specialize in robotic surgery, the procedures are minimally invasive and recovery time for patients is quicker than with traditional surgery. They are often back at home the next day.”

Because Dr. DiPiazza is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery he sees many women for issues of dropped bladder or rectum.  Many women are affected by pelvic organ prolapse. The muscles that hold the pelvic organs in place can get injured or stretched by childbirth, prior hysterectomy or being over-weight.  When this happens, it can cause pain, discomfort, incontinence and constipation.

“I was recommended by my OB-GYN to Dr. DiPiazza due to the results of a hysterectomy. I have complete faith in Dr. DiPiazza's ability to perform the robotic sacrocolpopexy, a minimally invasive procedure to correct a prolapse condition in women. The small incisions resulted in very little pain and a faster recovery time,” said patient Anna. “I would highly recommend Dr. DiPiazza to all woman suffering from bladder and/or vaginal prolapse. His expertise made my quality of life better than I expected. He's my hero!”

Urological concerns can be embarrassing to talk about and sometimes people might avoid making an appointment with a doctor because it is an uncomfortable subject, but Dr. DiPiazza puts his patients at ease with his humor and down-to-earth manner. One serious issue that many may overlook or think is just another sign of aging is frequent or painful urination. But with Dr. DiPiazza’s skilled robotic surgery techniques, you can live your life confidently and comfortably again.

“Dr. DiPiazza put a sling in to control my stress incontinence. The pre-surgery was a breeze because of his awesome staff,” said one patient. “During post surgery, I only had a little discomfort in my hip joints and 4 weeks of minimal recovery. The results were immediate.....no more piddle pads. I should have done this years ago! I highly recommend Dr. DiPiazza.”

Dr. DiPiazza is Board Certified in Urology and is the only Urologist in Pasco and Pinellas Counties who is Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine Reconstructive Surgery. Experienced in da Vinci Robot assisted surgeries, Dr. DiPiazza has years of experience in laparoscopically removing tumors in the prostate, the kidneys and the bladder. In the instance of kidney cancer, Dr. DiPiazza makes every effort to remove the cancer and reconstruct the kidney, in order to save it. “I can do this in most cases,” he says. “Many surgeons would just do the easier surgery of removing the entire kidney.” Over the past ten years, Dr. DiPiazza has helped thousands of patients to get their lives back to normal using minimally invasive da Vinci Robot assisted surgery. 

“I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and was facing losing part if not all of my left kidney,” said patient Pam A. “Dr. DiPiazza not only was able to remove all of the cancer but also saved my entire kidney. Recovery was quick and easy. Dr. DiPiazza is an extremely skilled professional who I would highly recommend. His office staff are the nicest bunch of people I have had to deal with. They are super nice and have very positive upbeat attitudes. The entire experience was very positive due to this doctor and his staff!”

Dr. DiPiazza completed his undergraduate training with honors at Cornell University, later completing his residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, and Princeton Medical Center. After six years of formal surgical training, Dr. DiPiazza began treating all aspects of urologic oncology, general urology, and the additional speciality of urogynecology.  In 2010, Dr. DiPiazza was the Chief of Surgery at Community Hospital (now the Medical Center of Trinity).

Based on his education and experience it is easy to understand why so many patients choose Dr. DiPiazza and why so many doctors refer patients to him, but when patients meet Dr. DiPiazza in person, it is his passion for what he does that makes an impression. He takes the time to talk to patients about their concerns, show them what can be done and explain how. He is part caregiver, part scientist, and all surgeon. He understands the way the body works and has experience working around the organs in the pelvis and abdomen, which is no easy task.

There is no reason you should have to suffer from urological or urogynecological issues for another day. Make an appointment today with Dr. DiPiazza. 

Dr. David DiPiazza is a physician at Urology Specialists of West Florida.  To make an appointment with him ask for him at Urology Specialists of West Florida in Trinity, located at 2148 Duck Slough Blvd., Suite 102, call (727) 375-1975.   Please log on to www.urologyspecialistsflorida.com/Our_Doctors/DiPiazza.html


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