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Published on 18 October 2017 in Business

Keeping your trees hurricane ready is a year round project. Certified arborist and Allpro Tree and Landscaping owner, Pete Spiridis, can help you make sure your trees are ready if another hurricane hits us this season.

For more than 20 years Pete has been helping people throughout the Tampa Bay area with their landscaping needs. From tree trimming and removal, to professional landscape design, Allpro will make sure you have a yard you’ll love. Pete is a certified arborist and all team members at Allpro take safety and technique classes at the International Society of Arboriculture.

If you lost a tree during the storm, let Allpro help you by replacing it with one of the trees that the University of Florida has designated as hurricane resistant.

Research conducted by UF scientists showed that sand live oaks are the most resistant to wind damage, while Southern magnolia, live oak, crape myrtle, bald cypress and sabal palm were other good choices. These trees are all less likely to lose limbs or blow over during hurricanes. Some of the trees with the least wind resistance were sand pine, Chinese elm, water oak and laurel oak. If you have these in your yard, you may want to consider having them removed and replaced.

“We were extremely pleased with Allpro,” said Susan Y. “Pete immediately responded to our call for an estimate and gave us a prompt, thorough written bid. Our tree removal project began and was completed exactly on time and they left our property looking pristine. Work was excellent and the crew was experienced, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Allpro Tree and Landscaping.”



If summer storms and the overall heat have left your yard in need of a redo, Allpro can help with that as well. Pete takes the time to personally consult with each client to make sure he gives them the yard of their dreams, and one that will continue to look great long after the initial planting. Allpro can even show you a 3-D design of what your landscaping will look like, to make sure you’re happy and pleased before the first plant goes in the ground.

Allpro Tree and Landscaping can also help with your weekly yard maintenance. They have a long list of yards that they keep looking great throughout the Clearwater and Tampa Bay areas. You can reclaim your weekends when you let the professionals at Allpro take care of your yard’s weekly needs.



Allpro is rated as a top professional tree and landscaping service throughout the Tampa Bay area. Christine says, “The crew shows up on time, working quickly and efficiently to finish a job. I was very pleased with Allpro’s professionalism and service!” Whether you are in need of a specialized arborist’s opinion, landscaping design, clean-up services or tree/debris removal – Allpro’s pro attitude and services are the best you can get! Pete says, “When you have a tree to be trimmed, make sure the tree service you are hiring loves that tree as much as you do! Hire a certified arborist, not some doorknocker claiming to give you a deal. You will get the best with Allpro!”

To contact Allpro Tree and Landscaping for an estimate, please call Pete at (813) 244-9234 or (727) 409-3315. Visit www.myallpro.com for photographs and check out reviews on Angie’s List!

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