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Published on 18 October 2017 in Business
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As our environmental concerns become more and more challenging, we look for increased solutions and better, earth friendly alternatives to everyday living. One local company, Eco-Solutions, has done just that. Their mission statement alone tells you what this business is all about. "Through its proprietary technologies, Eco-Solutions focuses on “Enhancing Wellness and Improving the Quality of Life”. Headquartered in Odessa, FL., Eco-Solutions Farm To Table, LLC has become a key player in solving some of our everyday concerns, while remaining environmentally conscious. Their scientifically proven insect repellent, SWAMP JUICE, in formulas for both humans and animals, has been used all around the globe. With a proprietary mix of all natural ingredients and patented technology, Swamp Juice is not only environmentally sound, it's safe and effective. With ingredients like lemon, lavender and citronella combined with their super-infused water, there are no worries about spraying harmful chemicals on yourself, your pets, into the air or on the ground. They have also developed that same technology into bead form and placed in jars. SWAMP JUICE BEADS can be placed on picnic tables, in tents, motor homes and screen porches to keep pests away so you can enjoy your time outdoors safely. Swamp Juice is available in spray bottles as well as gallon size so you can mix yourself for use on horses, stalls, chicken coops, dog bedding and more.

Eco-Solutions has also developed another superb product to eliminate mold, mildew and odors at the source. Their AirFresh 101/102 product uses Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). When the contents of AirFresh 101/102 are activated, they can produce and release chlorine dioxide for up to 60 days. This chlorine dioxide air freshener will eliminate odor-causing smoke, pet odors and dander, and much more. Best of all, it's compact size and portability make it perfect for use in cars, basements, closets, gym lockers, bathrooms, kitchens, pet areas and RV's.


Ed Kempf, President of Eco-Solutions stated, "This is breakthrough technology. I have children and pets and I want my home to be as chemical free as possible. Swamp Juice and has been scientifically tested and proven to be a safe, effective alternative to chemicals such as DEET. Further, I wanted the air quality in my home to be clean and chemical free, not just sprayed to cover up odors. AirFresh 101/102 will reduce harmful allergens in the air which can trigger allergic reactions or asthma. I'm delighted we can now offer this Service/Products  in homes as well as utilize its benefits in RV's, cars, boats, greenhouses, anywhere that mold, mildew, odors or harmful irritants are an issue .These products work and I believe strongly in every product we manufacture. Our company is locally owned, and all of our  production is done in the USA, something I'm very proud of. As our technology advances, we are able to bring more and more eco-friendly goods to the market and do our part to offer safe, alternative solutions to everyday issues."

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