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Get the Help You Need, When You Need It, Wherever You Are

If you are stressed, depressed or anxious, just the thought of visiting a doctor’s office might be enough to prevent you from making an appointment. Dr. Paula Nelson says that shouldn’t be a concern. While mobility and accessibility may have prevented people from seeking therapy in the past, now thanks to safe, secure online technology anyone can benefit from therapy even if they want to stay at home in their PJs while doing so.

Dr. Paula, a certified E-therapist, says that she’s seen many patients benefit from online therapy, “Online therapy sessions allow patients to see me at their convenience, whether they travel a lot for work, don’t have time to drive to and from appointments, are new moms who find it difficult to leave the house or have mobility issues. The site is HIPAA secure and very user friendly.”

Jazzercise - You think you know about it, but you have no idea.

When you hear Jazzercise you think legwarmers and leotards, right? Or a workout for your Mom but not for you? Well think again! The original boutique fitness class has completely evolved and it might just kick your ass!

Yes, the workouts got popular in the 80’s, but these days Jazzercise is so much more than pelvic circles and jazz hands, and the classes are way too hot for legwarmers.

The workouts completely reinvented itself as a hardcore dance - and strength-based routine that purports to rival the trendiest fitness classes in terms of intensity, calorie burn, and sweat equity.

Jazzercise is still evolving and transforming people’s bodies and their lives. 

Nelson Dentistry and Dental Sleep Medicine - An At Ease Dental Experience!

Providing excellence and top-notch comprehensive dental care to Lutz and the surrounding areas for the past 30 years - Nelson Dentistry and Dental Sleep Medicine has no shortage of patient referrals or reviews due to their award winning patient care. Patients love the personalized care that is backed by knowledge, patient value, and a comfortable dental experience provided by Dr. Nelson and his team. Located on State Road 54 in Lutz, two miles west of Tampa Premium Outlets, Nelson Dentistry and Dental Sleep Medicine provides skilled professionalism and compassion for patients that leave them glowing with a great smile and a peaceful mind.

Baba Roll

Bangkok Sushi; A real neighborhood gem

The moment you set foot at Bangkok Sushi, you know you’ve walked somewhere truly special and unique.  Not only does this place have the most delicious sushi and thai food in the area, but it’s also one of the most exquisitely decorated restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

You can enjoy a seat at the sushi bar, on the charming outside patio or in the incredibly beautiful dining room. White table cloths, silverware, impressive Asian sculptures, remarkable paintings hung in gold frames and gorgeous fresh flowers will enhance your dining experience and delight your senses.


Remaining fall exam schedule: SAT: Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2; PSAT primary date Oct 11; ACT: Oct 28, Dec 9.

     Now that school has started and most schedules have settled down, we can all take a long, relaxing breath and think about fall planning.

  Seniors and their parents are thinking about applying to colleges, the SAT and/or the ACT Exam, FASFA forms, and Bright Futures and other scholarships … on top of all the academics and activities that constantly demand attention.

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Washington Park Village - Oldsmar’s Premiere Executive Live/Work Community

Oldsmar residents Steve and Marie Becklund have seen the area change a lot in the 40 years they’ve lived here. Now with the development of the new executive live/work community, Washington Park Village, they are excited to be a part of the city’s growth and redevelopment. “We’ve seen Oldsmar grow from a quaint town to a beautiful magnet for the area. We choose to live here originally because it was a quick drive to anywhere you wanted to go but now it has become a nucleus between Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. You can find great restaurants and entertainment here. We love it.”

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“I want people to know that we’re here to help everyone, we do sincerely care about our customers, and that no job is too small,” said Bob Dalles, president. (Bob The Computer Guy & Associates Inc./Nicole Dalles)

TECH TALK With Bob The Computer Guy By Bob Dalles

Today's Topic: Choosing the Right Printer - Part 2

Greetings Friends… Last time we were talking about determining printer needs by looking at color vs. monochrome; the different types of paper sizes you need to accommodate; and the number of pages you need to print.  If you need to print to any other kind of printer beyond a laser or inkjet, then you need to consult one-on-one with an IT Professional to help you review all the details of your needs.  These other printer types can be very expensive when it comes to the printer itself and its consumables.

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Amir & Stephanie

Trinity Family Physicians Celebrating 10 Years of Letting Their Family Care for Yours

When the husband and wife team Dr. Stephanie Eldridge and Dr. Amir Shirmohammad opened Trinity Family Physicians in 2007, they wanted to bring a unique and special type of care to the area. “We both grew up in Tampa and wanted to return here after our residencies,” said Dr. Shirmo, as his patients call him. “We heard of a new hospital in Trinity that was opening and decided to open our practice in this area. From the very beginning, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received from the community.”

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Fall means King Mackerel

September is still a very hot month in our area of Florida but with that being said, the water temperatures start to come down slightly and that means King Mackerel will be flooding our waters anytime. By the end of the month, the King and Spanish Mackerel, will show up in large numbers as they make their migration through our area well into November. Fall is my favorite time of year to troll the reefs and hardbottom off Clearwater, and the King Mackerel is exactly why.

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