Washington Park Village - Oldsmar’s Premiere Executive Live/Work Community

Published on 21 September 2017 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford

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Oldsmar residents Steve and Marie Becklund have seen the area change a lot in the 40 years they’ve lived here. Now with the development of the new executive live/work community, Washington Park Village, they are excited to be a part of the city’s growth and redevelopment. “We’ve seen Oldsmar grow from a quaint town to a beautiful magnet for the area. We choose to live here originally because it was a quick drive to anywhere you wanted to go but now it has become a nucleus between Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. You can find great restaurants and entertainment here. We love it.”

Steve points to all the new developments in Oldsmar as just another great reason to live there. “We have an Earth Fare opening this fall, a soccer field for professional teams being built, the BMX park continues to expand, and now the city is planning new developments in the town center. When people suggest going to another town for dinner or entertainment, we ask, ‘why would we want to go anywhere else?’”

The Becklunds and their three sons started planning Washington Park Village ten years ago, but had to halt the proposed townhouse development due to the recession. They quickly returned the deposits people had paid during presells and waited for a more amendable time to begin again.

Once the timing was right, they began researching and revising their original plans to make Washington Park Village a premier townhome community to appeal to people who want to be able to easily combine life, work, and play.

“We had to start the project over again so we looked at what trends were happening in other cities and saw a need for residences where people could work and live,” said Steve.

 Washington Park Village, located in the heart of downtown Oldsmar, will be just such a community. Thanks to the fact that it is double zoned, homeowners in Washington Park will be able to have professional office space on the first floor and then enjoy a very short commute home to their plush upstairs residence or the entire townhome can be used for residential.

The upscale townhome community will feature 2 and 3 story townhomes all of which will have 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, 2-car garages and high-end fixtures and features. The venture is truly a family project for the Becklunds and their 3 sons and Steve and Marie give their son Victor credit for coming up with such an amazing design for the project. “We all love redevelopment,” says Steve, “but Victor really put this plan together.” The Becklunds have paid attention to every detail of the townhome design, making them a showcase you’ll love. The townhomes will be built by award winning local builder Point Construction known for their innovative designs and concepts. Both the 2 and 3 story townhomes have porches and balconies, high ceilings with archways and crown molding, granite counter tops and designer style wood cabinets, a large chef kitchen island, and an oversized garage.

 In addition to the special touches and upscale features, one of the best things about Washington Park Village is its easy access and walkability to some of Oldsmar’s best features – parks, restaurants and community gathering spots. A short walk in one direction will bring you to RE Olds Park with its gorgeous views of the water, fun festivals and great playgrounds. Go in a different direction and you can easily walk to the library, the Oldsmar town center and a wide variety of restaurants – Mexican, sushi, Thai, sandwiches, wings – whatever you’re hungry for. And as Oldsmar grows and develops the area around the town hall, you’ll have even more options for entertainment, dining and socializing. Washington Park Village is the perfect location for someone who wants to truly have the perfect balance of work and fun.

“We are very excited about this project,” says Steve. “Everything is top of the line. Since we broke ground this summer, we’ve received a lot of interest and have already sold one of the homes.”

If you’re looking for a new home where you can live, work and play, take a look at Washington Park Village today. Steve says buyers during the preconstruction phase will be able to choose their own flooring and fixtures. Don’t wait too late or you’ll miss out.

Washington Park Village is located at the corner of 412 Washington Avenue and 415 Park Avenue. For more information visit www.washingtonparkvillage.com or call Marie Becklund at (727) 410-6229.   

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