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Published on 21 September 2017 in Business
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford

Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson

If you are stressed, depressed or anxious, just the thought of visiting a doctor’s office might be enough to prevent you from making an appointment. Dr. Paula Nelson says that shouldn’t be a concern. While mobility and accessibility may have prevented people from seeking therapy in the past, now thanks to safe, secure online technology anyone can benefit from therapy even if they want to stay at home in their PJs while doing so.

Dr. Paula, a certified E-therapist, says that she’s seen many patients benefit from online therapy, “Online therapy sessions allow patients to see me at their convenience, whether they travel a lot for work, don’t have time to drive to and from appointments, are new moms who find it difficult to leave the house or have mobility issues. The site is HIPAA secure and very user friendly.”

Dr. Paula says the site is so user-friendly that she’s even counseled patients on their lunch hour from their car. In addition to the safe, secure web connection that allows Dr. Paula to talk face-to-face with her patients, there are additional therapy tools such as an encrypted journal. Patients can also email Dr. Paula directly from the site or schedule their next appointment.

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Paula specializes in helping her patients have healthier relationships, increased self-esteem and less worry. She can help you if you are feeling:

-       Anxious or overly worried

-       Depressed

-       Sad or lonely

-       Confused about your options or next steps


Quick and Effective Treatment for PTSD and more: Throughout her career, Dr. Paula has always stayed educated and up-to-date about the latest therapies and techniques. She is very excited about the recovery rate she’s seen with her latest therapy offering – EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence-based treatment for trauma, PTSD, abuse, phobias, anxiety, depression, grief and addictions. While it is an in-office treatment, Dr. Paula says it is well worth the trip to the office. “I have gotten great results with my patients who suffer from anxiety and other phobias. With 3-5 visits, we’ve seen the same results that would have taken 2 – 5 years of talk therapy to accomplish.” Evidence shows that EMDR is very effective because it activates your brain’s problem solving process to alleviate symptoms and decrease the distress from disturbing memories.

Couples Counseling for Every Stage of Your Relationship: Dr. Paula’s counseling philosophy for couples is based on the research and work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman and their book The Seven Principals for Making a Marriage Work. “The Gottmans have spent 40 years researching what make relationships work. They have developed principles that help couples have a sound relationship. When couples come to me for therapy, I tell them that in order to repair and rebuild their relationship, they have to become friends again. Because all of the Gottmans’ exercises and principles are based on research, they offer concrete support and help for couples who want to build stronger, happier, healthier relationships.” 

Couples who come to Dr. Paula complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup. This is an online questionnaire. The report from the questionnaire helps Dr. Paula determine the areas where the couples need to focus. “It give us concrete, statistical results for where we need to focus our work,” says Dr. Paula. She goes on to explain that this type of research driven counseling is beneficial in the long-run to patients not only because it shows them where their relationship challenges are but because it also saves them time in counseling and helps them get to the relationship they want in a shorter amount of time. 

E-Therapy Portal with Dr. Paula Nelson

E-Therapy Portal with Dr. Paula Nelson

Monthly Parent Workshops: Dr. Paula also helps couples who have made the painful decision to get a divorce. One Saturday a month in her Dunedin office she offers the mandatory Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. With Dr. Paula’s help you’ll learn to work with your co-parent in a healthy and non-confrontational way reducing reduce stress for you and your child(ren). 

Dr. Paula Nelson is a graduate of Temple University, Delaware State University and Wilmington University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified E-therapist and Master Certified Addiction Professional.

If you’re looking for a caring professional to help you and your loved ones through challenging times, Dr. Paula Nelson can help you learn how to live a happier, healthier life. 

Dr. Paula offers online therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to come in to the office for your sessions, her office is located at 1968 Bayshore Boulevard in Dunedin. For more information about classes or to make an appointment, call 813-951-8889, email, or visit

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